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HSBC Bank: Elmhurst (HSBC)

  • Financial Institution


82-57 Broadway
New York, NY 11373

Phone #1: () - ()
Phone #2: () - ()

Hours of operation: Mon.-Wed.&Fri. 8:30 AM=4:00 PM, Thu. 8:30 AM-7:00 PM, Sat. 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Services Offered

Talking ATM
The talking ATMs provide spoken instructions in English and Spanish and allow individuals with visual impairments to hear on-screen information when conducting banking transactions. The audio-enabled ATMs offer visually impaired individuals, or individuals who have difficulty reading standard on-screen print, a convenient and secure way to use our ATMs and create a better banking experience The talking ATMs are equipped with an audio jack on the front of each machine and accept most standard audio headsets. Once plugged in, the ATMs feature a recorded voice which prompts consumers through the needed steps to conduct banking transactions including: deposits, balance inquiries, cash withdrawals and transferring funds. Customers can control the volume on the ATMs and the machines also offer a spoken tutorial providing step-by-step instructions for individuals using the ATM for the first time or anyone who would like extra help with the ATM. In addition, the tutorial provides a verbal description of the machine's layout, including the location of the opening to insert ATM cards and deposit envelopes as well as openings to receive cash and transaction receipts. Those wishing to obtain additional information about talking ATMs, including the complete list of locations, can call 1.800.975.HSBC (4722), 716.841.7212 outside the United States or TTY/TTD: 1.800.898.5999 for the hearing impaired.


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